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Anthem Outlines Where Premium Dollars Go

Aug 21, 2013

As a broker, your clients rely on you to provide them with current and updated carrier information.  In this article, Anthem thoroughly outlines where premium dollars go. This is a great article to share with your clients and their employees to demystify where exactly, their dollars are being spent.

Here's a primer on premiums

Do you ever wonder what impacts the premium you pay for your plan? You may already know the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also called health care reform, requires insurers to spend 80%-85% of premiums directly on health care costs. 

So what makes premiums increase every year?

In general, premiums go up because health care costs increase for everyone. Here are some factors: 

Anthem knows these are issues that affect members in a big way

Anthem understands the ongoing changes in health care and rising costs affect your household budget directly, and every dollar you save helps.

Here are some things you can control to save dollars on health care. 

So where do your premium dollars actually go? Take a look

So where do your premium dollars actually go?

WellPoint, Inc.: About WellPoint (2011) 

Many factors related to health care costs are out of Anthem's control - and out of yours. But they're working hard to keep costs down for their members. It's their job to support high quality health care and find the best rates they can for you. For details on your plan and ways to save, log into

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