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Anthem: Retaining Clients Who Transition to ACA Plans

Aug 21, 2013

In this article, you’ll find:

Member Communication Plan
In September Anthem will be contacting all grandfathered and non-grandfathered Individual members, explaining all of their health coverage options, advising them of Anthem decision-making tools available to them, and directing them to contact their agent if they have questions about their options.

Non-Grandfathered Members

As a participant in the state’s Individual exchange, Anthem is required to discontinue non-ACA compliant, non-grandfathered Individual plans as of January 1, 2014. In September, they will communicate the following information to members on these plans (the information will be disseminated through two separate mailings which should arrive at approximately the same time): 

The same options specified above will also be communicated to members on non-ACA compliant non-grandfathered guarantee issue plans.

Grandfathered Members
In September, Anthem will communicate to members on these plans that they can stay on their current grandfathered plans. They just need to keep paying their premiums. No other action is required. Or they can select any ACA-compliant plan during the initial ACA open enrollment that runs from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.

The same options specified above will also be communicated to members on grandfathered guarantee issue plans.

Note: Grandfathered plans are those in effect on or before March 23, 2010 which your clients are still on. This also includes any of your clients who may have downgraded to a plan and still retained grandfathered status.

Agent of Record Information
Anthem understands the level of effort required on your part to guide your clients and help them understand how the ACA will affect their plan and premiums.   

As part of their ongoing support and commitment to you and your retention efforts, Anthem will apply the current Agent of Record when they transition Individual clients to Anthem ACA-compliant off-exchange plans. Please note that Anthem’s agent of record policies and procedures based on the member’s original effective date will apply.

How Will I Get Paid?
In the next month or so Anthem will send you a separate communication, advising how they will pay commissions for original effective dates on or after January 1, 2014. As a reminder, Covered California certification will be required for on-exchange new sales.

For your clients with original effective dates prior to January 1, 2014 on either a grandfathered or an ACA-compliant Individual plan, you will be paid under the commission schedule as of the member’s original effective date.

For example, for a client with an original effective date of September 30, 2010 with a 10% renewal commission, you will continue at the 10% renewal commission rate. For a client with an original effective date of September 30, 2011, commissions will continue to be paid based on the tier achieved the year the plan was sold.  

Tools and Materials Make the Difference
Anthem knows you work hard to retain your business and they want to give you and your clients the tools and materials you need to ensure your future success.

Easy to Use Decision Support Tools and Marketing Materials
Anthem will have a variety of decision support tools available in September.  Each tool has been developed to help make important decisions easier. Clients can use these new or improved resources on their own or with your help, and make a confident, informed decision.

NOTE: You will need to create a new AgentConnect link for Anthem's new online shopper portal (off exchange). You will be able to do that in September. For on exchange, you will need to follow Covered California’s process to ensure your information is included with on-exchange applications.

Tools to Help You Grow and Retain Your Book of Business

Key Dates                                                                                                                                                                              
Here are some important dates you’ll want to mark on your calendar. Watch for detailed updates in future communications.

Supporting Retention through Re-marketing Efforts
Throughout the year (beginning in August), Anthem will execute a targeted, integrated  “re-market” plan to existing clients to support your retention efforts.  Messages will be specific and use a structured approach thereby delivering relevant messages through a variety of mediums. Whether it is insulating your client from marketplace noise, leveraging their grandfathered status or emphasizing the ease of receiving a subsidy, clients will receive messages that resonate specifically with them. Anthem will share more details soon.

Anthem strongly encourages you to have discussions with your clients to guide them through the upcoming changes.  For your current book of business, consider these retention strategies with your clients.

For assistance with transitioning Anthem individuals to ACA plans, please contact your Anthem Regional Sales Manager or
Regional Sales Representative
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