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Anthem Rx Update: Lipitor Generic Now Available

Dec 09, 2011

On November 30, 2011, Anthem Blue Cross added a new generic drug called atorvastatin to tier 1. Atorvastatin is a generic for the brand name Lipitor-a drug often used to help lower cholesterol. This is big savings news on the prescription drug cost front and for members with a prescription benefit plan who can switch to atorvastatin.

As you know, Anthem's drug list is divided into three different tiers based on cost-and all tier 1 drugs are generics. After talking to their doctor, members who switch to atorvastatin, a tier 1 drug, will pay the lowest copay/coinsurance. 

On December 5, 2011, Lipitor moved to tier 3. This change means Lipitor will not be covered at all for employer groups with a closed benefit prescription plan and group members who keep taking Lipitor will pay the full cost of the drug out of their own pocket. In all other non-medicare plans,
the move to tier 3 means members of employer groups with a three-tier prescription benefit plan will pay a higher copay/coinsurance.

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