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Oct 05, 2009

Anthem Blue Cross is reinventing

Helping members better understand their health plan. Making it easier for them to manage their benefits. Offering tools to help them make their best health care decisions.

Anthem Blue Cross is not just redesigning their member website, they're reinventing it.

Health care and health care coverage can be complicated subjects to grasp. Your employees need clear, easy-to-understand information that can help them get the most from their benefits. The new member website will help them do this.

Members will still have secure access to the vital information they need. The new site will just make it easier to find this information. Designed to be a more personalized experience, the site gives an immediate snapshot of a member's benefit and coverage upon login. It also takes fewer clicks to find information about doctors and facilities.

Members will still find the existing tools they've come to rely on, such as Anthem's comparison tool that allows members to evaluate their options side by side. And they will also find new features, like the Medicine Cabinet, which can help prescription members track their medications.

Insurance jargon will be replaced by friendly, understandable language. And if members have questions, they'll have multiple ways to find quick answers.

The reinvented website will be up and running by the beginning of 2010. If you want more details, talk with your Anthem representative.

Ready to learn more? Take a sneak peek at the new site.
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