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Anthem's Address Correction Project Launches February 19th

Feb 15, 2011

Member address correction project to launch February 19


We all know how much there is to do when moving from one address to another. Sometimes telling one's employer isn't on the top of the list. But, by not sharing address changes with employers, employees likely will delay or miss important information.  From their employer, this could include things like W-2s or 401(k) statements.  Employees could also miss benefits-related communications from us - things like Explanation of Benefits, refund checks or important plan updates.

Last year, Anthem Blue Cross started an address correction project using information supplied by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  They now receive a list of address corrections from the USPS every day.  In some cases Anthem can update the address on their records directly. But for groups using an electronic enrollment process, Anthem must notify the employer of the address change so the employer can update the electronic enrollment files they send to Anthem with the subscriber's correct address.

Starting February 19, 2011, Anthem will begin mailing letters to employers if

  1. they have an employee who has filed an address change with the USPS, and
  2. Anthem has mailed something to the customer's old address recently.
These letters to employers will include a list of employees whose addresses need to be updated in their enrollment files.

If you would like more information about this initiative, please refer to the FAQ, or contact your sales representative or account manager.

Anthem Blue Cross will be notifying employer groups of this initiative in a communication scheduled to be released Wednesday, February 16, 2011.

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