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Assistance for Brokers and their Group Members Approaching 65

Apr 20, 2010

Register to Participate in Anthem's Stay Covered Member Age-In Initiative

In 2009, Anthem Blue Cross launched several initiatives aimed at helping members transition into consumer-based plans when they lose their group-sponsored coverage. One of those initiatives is the Member Age-in program, which targets current group members who are approaching Medicare eligibility.

Recognizing that many members lose their group-funded plans when they become eligible for Medicare, Anthem has designed the new Member Age-in program to ensure that current members have the assistance they need to make an informed decision regarding their Medicare options.

The Age-in program involves three key components:

o        Small Group members will receive a full enrollment kit for the most popular Anthem Medicare plan in the member's area. Agents have the option of having their contact information included in the Small Group mailing materials.

o        Large Group and National Accounts members will be sent one of two "Medicare Solutions" direct mail pieces, either version 1 or version 2.

If a member is already working with an agent, Anthem will encourage them to continue working with their agent and graciously exit the call. Additionally, Anthem representatives will not pursue discussions with current members who indicate that they will remain on their employer-sponsored plan upon turning age 65.

The current program targets only Small Group members (2-50) in most Anthem states (but not CA). Beginning in April 2010, Anthem will enhance the program to include California Large Group (group size 51+) and National Account members, and in May 2010 to include California Small Group members.

Due to a HIPAA mandate, agents must opt in to the program to:

Agents may opt-in on-line at the following web site: It only takes a few moments to get started!

Please note that if a member resides in an area where a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan will be offered, the agent will need to be MA certified in order for Anthem to include his/her contact information on the member letter.

Anthem wants their agents to have the first opportunity to contact members who are planning to retire and/or leave their employer sponsored plan and to help them assess their coverage options as they approach Medicare eligibility.

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