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BriovaRx Specialty Transition Scheduled for March

Jan 31, 2016

A successful pilot to move members from OptumRx to BriovaRx specialty pharmacy has been completed allowing UnitedHealthcare to prepare for the full transition which they expect to begin in March 2016.

While UHC had planned to move two drugs covered under the medical benefit on February 1, 2016, they have decided to wait and move those drugs with their respective therapy classes according to the final transition plan. However, UHC does plan to move Xeloda, a cancer drug covered under the pharmacy benefit plan, on February 1. This is simply an extension of the original pilot, providing better insight into the member experience and allowing time to implement changes prior to the full transition if needed.

Members taking Xeloda will be notified by phone prior to their next refill. UHC expects this move to go as smoothly as the original pilot drugs. They will provide the full transition plan as soon as the classes and dates are finalized. 

For questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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