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Broker Commission Statement Changes

Aug 19, 2009

On July 31, Aetna enhanced their broker commission statements for all Aetna health insurance products. These changes both simplify the statements and provide you with clearer, more detailed information.

The following codes have been added to your commission statements to indicate the action being taken:
Things to know
If an assignment of commission, account update or broker record of change is made, the two-letter abbreviation, along with the effective date of the transaction, will appear next to the plan sponsor name and group number.

If no premium payments are made during the month, NA - no activity will appear.

How to access your compensation statements
1. Login to Producer World® and click on “Your Compensation Statements” under “Self-Service Tools,” or
2. Under "Market Segments" select the appropriate segment (i.e., Middle Market, Small Group, etc.)
3. Under "Compensation," select "Compensation Statements"
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