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Oct 05, 2010

CaliforniaChoice® is excited to announce new RAF Guidelines for your groups with 15 + employees.

Beginning with the October effective date, your 15+ groups will receive a 0.90 RAF. This special is valid through March 2011 effective dates. 

New groups qualify for RAF guarantees as follows: 

Total Medically Enrolled Employees

          Final RAF Applied During Underwriting






.90? or 1.00

Note: Life Only employees and COBRA members are not included in the overall employee count.

?In order to qualify for a .90 RAF the group must submit a copy of their current renewal RAF Statement from their current carrier showing a renewal RAF of 1.05 or less. The statement must be within 3 effective dates of their CaliforniaChoice requested effective date determined by underwriting. Kaiser Permanente wrap groups are among those that qualify.


This is a great opportunity! 

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