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Cedars-Sinai Agreement Advances Future of Healthcare Using IBM Watson

Dec 16, 2011

New healthcare solutions using IBM Watson technology are now in development, and thanks to our parent company's exciting new partnership with the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai will help shape these solutions.

This press release explains how this partnership will include evaluation and testing of the specific tools that are being developed for cancer treatment using Watson. One of the nation’s premier cancer institutions, Cedars-Sinai, has proven results in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cancers.

Want to see how Watson will work?  IBM has recently released a series of ads on transforming healthcare with Watson technology. Details of how doctors, and our company, are envisioned to work with Watson, are delivered in this clear, 30 second video. The short spot shows how the IBM Watson technology can help doctors find answers quicker and treat patients much faster.

In September, we shared the news of our parent company's agreement with IBM. Under the agreement, we plan to design and launch Watson-based solutions to help improve patient care through the delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based health care for millions of Americans. This new partnership with the Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute is an important step in building a Watson health care solution that will meet the needs of physiciansn.

Our parent company is the first  to partner with IBM to create the first commercial applications of the Watson technology. Watson is a sophisticated computing system that is able to analyze millions of pieces of complex data and information and give the best response based on the evidence in its database. While there may be other companies who use the Watson technology in the future, we are developing Watson-based solutions specific for us.

Our parent company's affiliated health plans have access to some of the broadest physician networks in the country, covering more than 34 million Americans. By combining our data (in accordance with applicable privacy and security laws), knowledge and extensive physician network with the IBM Watson technology, we envision that this powerful tool can help physicians find options in the treatment of our members by providing advanced insights and access to the latest medical research.

Today, physicians are using electronic patient and medical records to help them and their patients better understand the patient's overall health status. Physicians are also trying to keep up with the overwhelming amount of new medical information and evidence-based research published daily. By using Watson-based solutions, we could give our network physicians tools that let them to more efficiently access information from their patients' medical records, compare it with evidence-based medical research, and make more informed health care decisions for their patients. Based on a physician’s inquiry, Watson has the ability to read nearly everything in its database related to the topic, decide what's most relevant and prioritize the highlights for a physician.

The agreements with Cedars-Sinai for clinical expertise and with IBM Watson technology are the first steps toward putting these innovations in place and quite possibly transforming healthcare.

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