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Changes to Aetna Members' 2013 Rx Drug Coverage

Oct 03, 2012

Aetna wants to help members get the most from their pharmacy benefits coverage

Every year, Aetna reviews the drugs on their Preferred Drug List (also called the formulary). These drugs are chosen based on sound medical data, safety and cost.

For 2013, Aetna is adding some brand-name and generic drugs while other drugs are being removed. One reason changes may happen is when a brand-name drug's patent expires during the year and a generic becomes available. Aetna removes the brand from the list and replaces it with its less-costly generic equivalent. The upcoming plan changes and drug safety updates are based on a few factors: the latest medical findings as well as information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and drug makers.

If a member's prescriptions are affected by any of these updates, the amount he or she pays for these drugs may also change.

How Aetna Pharmacy Management communicates these updates to members

Many states require health insurers to notify members annually of changes to preferred drugs, precertification, quantity limits and step therapy drug lists. Aetna Pharmacy Management (APM) announces the Annual Notice of Change updates to members in commercial pharmacy benefits plans as follows:

For any members who wish to obtain Annual Notice of Change information, including what drugs have been added or removed from the precertification, quantity limits or step therapy lists, they can always access this detail online at The changes that impact each individual member depend on their specific plan type. That is why the member is prompted to first enter his or her plan type upon visiting

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