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Control Costs and Get the Most Value from Your Workers' Compensation

Jan 29, 2016

As a business owner, your clients probably know their workers’ compensation policy provides benefits to employees who experience a work-related injury or illness. However, they may not be aware of some of the additional resources available to them through their workers’ compensation carrier designed to help maintain a safer workplace. This can potentially save your clients money and help get more value out of their policy. Here are tips to help get more from theirr policy.

Control Costs by Creating a Culture of Safety

When a small business establishes a safe work environment, workers are less likely to experience injuries or illness that may cause loss of wages, pain and suffering. A safe work place also helps business owners avoid production losses, damage to equipment or machinery, and the potential for an increase in workers compensation insurance premiums. You can provide your clients with guidelines on effective safety practices, which can help protect their employees and their bottom line. Download the EMPLOYERS whitepaper, “Loss Control: Crea​ting a Culture of Workplace Safety,” which outlines specific steps your clients can take today to help create a safer workplace.

Ask About Special Value Added Services

Look for a workers’ compensation insurance carrier that offers value-added services such as safety e​ducation programs meant to help keep your client's workplace safe, or a network of care fac​ilities to help employees who experience a workplace injury or illness receive treatment as quickly as possible. Look for value added tools and resources may be available to your client as part of their workers compensation policy. If they are currently looking for workers’ compensation coverage, be sure to ask for details on value added services.

Prevent Fraudulent Claims

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can negatively impact your client's experience rating and potentially increase the cost of their annual premiums. There are steps they can take to help combat fraud. For example, look for these potential red flags:

These red flags do not necessarily indicate that fraud has occurred, but may warrant investigation. EMPLOYERS provides fraud prevention support and proactive assistance once a suspected fraudulent claim has been submitted. Check out their two-part we​binar which provides tools and information to help protect your clients and their business from workers’ compensation fraud. You may also visit our educational ​library for additional resources to help your clients combat fraud.

Potentially Save Money by Joining an Association

Some workers’ compensation insurance carriers have arrangements with associations that may allow businesses to receive discounts on their policy. For example, EMPLOYERS provides eligible members of the Montana Chamber ​of Commerce, California Rest​aurant Association and the Apartment Association o​f Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA) discounts on their workers’ compensation insurance policies. Ask if your client's business may be able to take advantage of special progra​m discounts by belonging to an association.

For more information, please contact Patrick Kim, Workers' Compensation Specialist - 925.296.5478.

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