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Controlling Claim Costs with Temporary Transitional Work

May 29, 2013

Keeping claim costs down once an injury occurs.

Once an industrial injury occurs, the employer can significantly influence the cost of the claim. The employer's willingness to provide temporary transitional work while the injured employee is recuperating can eliminate much of the wage replacement cost associated with a workers' compensation claim.

What is transitional work? Transitional work is temporary duty that is within an injured employee's physical limitations established by a doctor. In other words, it is work activity that the doctor believes is safe for the employee to do while the industrial injury heals.

Why is transitional work so important? The direct reduction in claim costs from avoiding time off work is only part of the savings. Providing temporary transitional work may avoid the creation of a "runaway claim". The longer an employee is off work the less likely it is they will ever return to their pre-accident job. What this means is that a relatively minor injury can quickly escalate into a very expensive claim. Fortunately, this claim scenario is often avoidable.

Click here to download the full white paper on Controlling Claim Costs Through Temporary Transitional Work to learn how temporary transitional work can help save on costs.

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