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Current Plan Benefits

Aug 03, 2008

Current Plan Benefits – Effective Date (introduced 6/07)

bpQuote has improved the way Current plans are entered for a group.  Previously, bpQuote would illustrate the benefits for the Current plans based upon the effective date being quoted.  For example, if you were quoting a 7/1/07 effective date, bpQuote automatically defaulted the benefits for the Current plans entered to those as of 12 months earlier or 7/1/06.  Since proposals are often generated off the anniversary/renewal date, this manner of defaulting benefits was not always accurate.
Going forward, whenever a Current Plan is entered, the user will need to select a Current Plan Effective Date.  In the example noted above, perhaps the group's most recent renewal date was 1/1/07.  The user would want to use 1/1/07 as the Current Plan Effective Date to ensure that the benefits illustrated for the Current plans were accurate.
Please reference a sample page to familiarize yourself with the location of the new Current Plan Effective Date field in bpQuote.  Please also keep this point in mind:
If you have any questions regarding any of the enhancements and updates to bpQuote, please contact a member of your dedicated Sales Team for assistance.
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