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Delta Dental Employee Carve-Out Rules

Feb 26, 2009

Delta Dental will allow Employee class carve-outs, effective February 24, 2009, without the requirement of having the remaining employees covered under the DeltaCare USA program.  Employee class carve-outs can comprise of management/non-management, union/non-union and hourly/salaried.  If you encounter combinations other than these, please contact your B&P Sales Representative.

The Delta Dental caveats of carve-outs:
  • If coverage is with Delta Dental’s PPO or PPO Plus Premier, then the carve-out is not allowed since a group cannot have multiple fee-for-service plans in place
  • If coverage is with DeltaCare USA (Delta Dental’s prepaid program), then the carve-out is allowed. 
  • If coverage is with another carrier, then the carve-out is not allowed.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your B&P Sales Representative.
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