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Delta Dental Introduces System Enhancements for Employers

Apr 29, 2011

Delta Dental Employer Announcement

Delta Dental is installing a number of enhancements this year to provide even better service to you and your enrollees. Overall, these changes represent a significant updating of our systems to the latest technology—likely something most enterprises need to go through to one extent or other. Delta Dental wants to give you a summary of these changes.

Delta Dental is upgrading their claims processing, call center and related systems to improve the customer experience. This ongoing process is taking place in distinct well-planned phases and is already complete in some of their other business units. These changes will not apply to DeltaCare® USA groups at this time

Delta Dental's upgraded systems will include new features such as:
While their goal is to make the transition to the new system seamless for you and your enrollees, please let them know of any discrepancies you may notice as you begin to work with their new system. They have taken great care to ensure your group has been loaded correctly onto the new system and more importantly, they have been using the system with more than 3,500 customers for the last year. However, if there appear to be any benefit changes that do not ring true, Delta Dental knows you would be among the first to notice and contact them, allowing any such discrepancies to be corrected at highest speed.

Dental Dental is also asking for your help in making sure that your eligibility submissions (electronic or otherwise) to Allied Administrators contain all of the following information for each enrollee and their dependents:
You can continue to manage your employees’ enrollment and eligibility – and update your administrative account information - online at If you have forgotten your login, or wish to activate that now, contact Allied Administrators at 877-472-2669 or e-mail

Delta Dental is excited about improving all aspects of their service by providing more streamlined and effective customer service and thank you for being their valued customer. Delta Dental and Allied Administrators are ready to assist you with any questions you may have and will work with you to ensure your group conversion goes as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.

Please feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions about the conversion or new features.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Rose O’Sullivan
Small Business Program Manager
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