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Delta Dental's Network Advantage

Jun 09, 2011

How is Delta Dental PPOSM different from other PPO plans? It’s simple: The Delta Dental Premier® network. The Delta Dental
Premier network is the nation’s largest dentist network, with eight out of 10 dentists participating. This gives Delta Dental PPO enrollees more options for finding a dentist that offers Delta Dentalspecific cost protections.

With the Delta Dental PPO network, enrollees will receive in-network benefits from nearly half the dentists in the country. With the addition of the Delta Dental Premier network, dentist access is increased by another 30 percent.

Although Delta Dental Premier dentists’ fees are slightly higher than those of Delta Dental PPO dentists, Premier dentists offer
enrollees the same cost protections, such as no balance-billing and no unbundling of fees. Premier and PPO dentists have
the same contract with Delta Dental, so all dentists are subject to the same quality assessment requirements; only the fee
schedule is different.

Enrollees will find that Delta Dental’s PPO fee schedule is comparable to that of other carriers, and while other carriers only limit
the fees of approximately four out of 10 dentists, we limit fees for eight out of 10 dentists* – that’s a big difference.

* Enrollees who visit dentists contracted through the expansive PPO network enjoy dentist fee discounts that average 20-35 percent. If an enrollee chooses to visit a dentist within the Premier network, they can still take advantage of discounts that average 6-10 percent. These are average network discounts, regional discounts will vary.
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