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Dental Care Rewards Program with Aetna Large Group

Mar 17, 2009

Dental Care Rewards Program
Better than a maximum rollover plan – the Aetna Dental Care RewardSM plan
Now, your clients’ employees can save money just by visiting a dentist. When members see a licensed dentist for preventive care during the year, Aetna raises their benefits levels the next plan year.
Aetna Dental Care Reward is:
Forget about maximum rollover plans that focus on carrying benefits over and not using them. Maximum rollover plans cap the amount that can be carried over too. Not Aetna Dental Care Reward. Aetna’s plan promotes preventive dental care, not delayed care. Their message is get care and save! Members simply seek preventive care and Aetna automatically handles the reward.
Available as a PPO or Indemnity plan, Aetna Dental Care Reward also offers your clients a great deal of flexibility. They can choose to raise benefits levels up to three times – by increasing coinsurance levels and/or plan maximums. If the member does not have a qualifying dental visit, their maximum may stay at the current level, reduce to the prior year level, or reduce to the original plan level.

Click here for the Dental Care Rewards Program brochure.

Please contact your B&P Large Group Specialist if you have any questions regarding Aetna 51-125.
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