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Details for a Member's Move to Anthem Blue Cross

May 11, 2010

Due to Anthem Blue Cross replacing Blue Shield of California in the CaliforniaChoice portfolio, those enrolled in a Blue Shield of California plan will be migrated to an Anthem Blue Cross plan that offers the same, or the most similar, benefit level.  In addition to a member's new plan assignment, they should be aware as to how their plan deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and assignment to their Primary Care Physician will be affected by the transition.


If a member prefers to move to a plan other than the one chosen for them, they must complete a Renewal Change Form within 30-days of the effective date shown on their worksheet, otherwise, they will automatically be moved to the recommended plan (as listed above).

When transitioning to an Anthem Blue Cross plan from a Blue Shield of California plan, the member will receive credit for any portion paid toward their plan deductible in 2010.  If a member has satisfied any amount toward their out-of-pocket maximum, credit will not be given for this amount. It should be noted, however, that a plan deductible on an Anthem Blue Cross plan applies toward a member's out-of-pocket maximum, therefore, a portion of their out-of-pocket maximum is in essence being credited.
When a Blue Shield of California HMO member chooses to move to an Anthem Blue Cross HMO plan other than the recommended plan listed above, they MUST list their PCP on the Renewal Change Form. Use the CaliforniaChoice Provider Search to locate the PCP's provider number. The Renewal Change Form must be submitted to the employer for submission.
When the member is automatically moved to an Anthem Blue Cross HMO plan, their EXISTING PCP will not be maintained. However, a NEW PCP will automatically be assigned to the member.  Once the member receives their new ID card, they may contact Anthem Blue Cross to select their preferred PCP. The provider change will become effective the first of the month, following the date of their request.
Locate Your PCP using the CaliforniaChoice Provider Search.
Anthem Blue Cross Member Service: 866-524-5659
Please contact any member of your b&p Sales Team at 888.722.3373 for assistance.
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