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Early Renewal Strategy

Sep 17, 2013

Your Early Renewal Strategy 
We're Prepared. Are You?
When it comes to the Early Renewal options available to your clients, we know you want to make sure you are the one informing your clients of the best option available to them for the upcoming year. We also know there is a lot of information to consider and a decent amount of work to do in a short period of time.

Strategize with Your b&p Group Sales Rep
Just as you have trusted your b&p Group Sales Rep to conduct Health Care Reform training for your agency, your clients, and your prospects, the next phase on this continuum is for them to provide you with the assistance you need to thoroughly evaluate the Early Renewal option.
  • What is avoided by choosing an early renewal?
  • Who are the best prospects?
  • How can b&p help you and your clients prepare?
    • How are you collecting 2014 census data?
    • Who is generating proposals to compare 2013 against 2014 rates?
    • Who will collect the Early Renewal underwriting requirements?
  • What else should you be prepared to discuss with your clients?
    • Will deductible credit be provided?
    • Are ancillary products eligible for an early renewal?
    • What effect will this have on COBRA qualified beneficiaries?
    • Does an early renewal impact FSAs, HRAs, SPDs, etc? 
All of these questions are addressed in our Early Renewal resource available to our active broker partners. All you need to do is contact your b&p Group Sales Representative to discuss your Early Renewal strategy and any other Health Care Reform compliance requirements impacting your clients - 888.722.3373.
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