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Employer Email Match Notification

Feb 09, 2009

Anthem Blue Cross is committed to serving the needs of their customers and their communities. Part of that commitment means finding ways to more effectively and efficiently communicate with their local group customers. In 2009, they're taking several steps to boost the number of employer e-mail addresses they have in their marketing database. This helps them become more environmentally friendly in the communities they serve by reducing the number of printed and mailed communications that are sent out each year.  

Anthem Blue Cross recently contracted with an online business directory to match e-mails to employer physical addresses and acquired thousands of existing employer e-mail addresses that they previously didn't have.

The vendor they're working with complies with industry CAN SPAM regulations, and the records have gone through several matching protocols to ensure accuracy. As an extra measure, prior to adding the new e-mail addresses to their marketing database, they'll send an opt-out e-mail to all the employers affected. This opt-out communication, which is scheduled for mid-February, will clearly explain how Anthem Blue Cross acquired the employer's e-mail address and their intention to begin e-mailing quarterly informational newsletters and other time-sensitive bulletins instead of sending them through regular mail.

Employers will continue to receive billing information through the mail, unless they've already enrolled in online group billing.
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