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Everyone Has Access to Delta Dental Benefits

Sep 01, 2009

In the past 10 years, health experts have stressed the critical link between dental health and the overall health of Americans. A recent study released by researchers at the University at Buffalo in New York discovered that people with poor oral health are the most likely to suffer heart attacks. With Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, it’s easy to offer your clients the choices they need to protect their employees’ health.

When you offer Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, every member of the group not only has access to Kaiser Permanente medical benefits, but also to dental coverage from Delta Dental – in the same program. And when you wrap Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution with another health plan, every employee has access to Delta Dental – regardless of the health plan they choose!

Delta Dental plans offer great dental benefits at an affordable price and:
Now everyone can have great health from top to bottom – with Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution and Delta Dental.

That’s news to smile about!
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