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Face-to-Face EAP Visits Now Included with Long-Term Disability

Jul 10, 2012

As previously announced in April, Aetna is now including an exciting and beneficial enhancement to their fully-insured long-term disability (LTD) product -- face-to-face clinical sessions through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Aetna Resources for LivingSM!

Each Aetna LTD-covered member, as well as their household members and dependents to age 26, will now each have access to three face-to-face visits with an EAP network provider.

This offering is effective on July 1, 2012 for new LTD customers and upon rate renewal thereafter.

Click here to access Aetna's new LTD flyer with more details!

Why EAP with LTD
Aetna's suite of disability and absence management solutions aims to help provide employees the support and resources they need to return to work sooner or stay at work, when possible. Adding this enhancement supports that philosophy. It gives employees access to our network of over one million EAP providers nationwide who can help with family, personal or work-related issues that may be contributing to absence or decreased productivity.

Additional features of Aetna's EAP offering include: 

  • Unlimited telephonic assessment and referral
  • Unlimited telephonic management and consultation for managers and supervisors
  • Online Worklife resources

Getting access

Customers will receive the new phone number and web log-in for members to access the enhanced EAP benefits during implementation or at renewal, if a current customer. At that time, all references to any prior EAP toll-free numbers and/or website log-ins should be discarded.

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