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Groups Moving to New PDLs Starting with October Renewals

Jun 12, 2014

UnitedHealthcare clients currently using the Performance or Classic Prescription Drug Lists (PDLs) will be moved to their standard Advantage or Traditional PDLs respectively on their next annual renewal beginning October 1, 2014. UnitedHealthcare is doing this to simplify and standardize their overall pharmacy benefit. The move will mean a few more clinical and member engagement programs are implemented along with the new PDLs. The new standard PDLs and associated programs will help them better manage total health care costs and pharmacy costs. 

To learn more about this upcoming PDL move, read the Overview & FAQ. While the PDL and its supporting clinical and member engagement programs will change, most other aspects of these clients’ pharmacy benefit will remain the same including their retail pharmacy network, web experience, call center, and the mail and specialty pharmacy services through OptumRx.

UnitedHealthcare will send affected members a letter and PDL Booklet 40-60 days in advance of the client’s renewal date.  The letter will explain how to look up any long-term maintenance medications they are taking in the PDL Booklet, how to view the cost tier and programs that apply to these medications, and how to find lower-cost options they can discuss with their physician. 

Members will also receive a new ID card approximately two weeks prior to their renewal date.

If you have questions regarding this upcoming change for clients currently on the Performance or Classic PDLs, please ​contact your a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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