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Guardian - New at b&p

Oct 24, 2012

Now Offering Guardian
Dental, Vision, Life, Disability...     
We are excited to announce the addition of Guardian to the beere&purves portfolio. As your business partner, we continue to make sure you have access to carriers that will help you meet the needs of your clients and their employees, and Guardian does exactly that. Just look at the facts. Guardian is ranked #1 in:
  • Fully-insured, inforce cases for eight of the last ten years*
  • Total inforce cases for eight of the last ten years*
  • New PPO cases for seven of the last ten years*
  • Total inforce PPO cases for nine of the last ten years*
  • Voluntary inforce premium for six of the last seven years*
Effective immediately, Guardian's Dental, Life, Vision and Disability products are available for groups with 2-50 lives. Some details include:

  • 22 dental plans available within bpQuote
    • PPO Choice Plans
      • Combines the PPO Value and NAP plan
      • Members may switch between plans at anniversary
      • Value Plan offers the highest in-network coinsurance
      • One premium for both plans
    • PPO Network Access Plans (NAP)
    • Split Max PPO Plans
      • Higher annual maximum for in-network services 
    • PPO Value plan (Fee Schedule)
  • Plan designs include:
    • 80th and 90th percentile UCR
    • No waiting periods with prior coverage
    • Child orthodontia for 5+ enrolled
    • Maximum Rollover feature
    • Dental implants and posterior composite fillings
    • Vision Access Plan (15-30% discounts with VSP providers)
  • Custom dental plan quotes also available through b&p 


  • Vision
  • Life and AD&D
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Contact your b&p Sales Team to obtain quotes for these products 
To learn more about Guardian's product offerings and to learn how to get appointed before your first case closes, please contact your b&p Group Sales Rep or dedicated Small Group Specialist - 888.722.3373.

*LIMRA and NADP U. S. Group Dental Plans Annual Sales and In-force, April 2002-2011
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