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HCR Update: HCR Website Improved, 51+ Provision List

Nov 01, 2010

Health Care Reform Update

October 29, 2010


Our health care reform website is new and improved     

What a makeover! Our health care reform website has a whole new look, not to mention a lot of new resources and tools to make health care reform work for you. 

If you've visited the site already, you'll recognize these items from the inaugural launch:

·         Grandfathering decision tool

·         Small business tax credit calculator (Please note we've added the IRS tax worksheet needed to calculate the credit.)

·         Helpful links to other health care reform websites 

Now that we've enhanced the site, take some time to investigate all of the information available, including these newly added features:

·         Health care reform webinar - Presented by Angela Braly and several other top executives, this panel discussion is detailed and informative. You'll learn about our short- and long-term approach to health care reform; marketplace taxes and fees; employer mandates; insurance exchanges and much more.

·         Give us your feedback - Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know through this simple feedback submission box.

·         Employer's guide to health care reform - This quintessential guide gives you the goods on health care reform and how our company is implementing its provisions.

·         FAQs - This section is organized by provision. We give you a summary and fact sheets on each health care reform law provision, plus we list any questions and answers concerning the topic.

·         Weekly up-to-the-minute communications - These quick-read articles address timely health care reform topics important to you. 

And that's not all. We're adding even more to this website, so visit us often and keep an eye out for these coming attractions:

·         Interactive health care reform timeline

·         Comprehensive and searchable library of materials 

Employers and brokers can also access the site from their landing pages at 

Enjoy your visit and let us know what you think using the new feedback box.


Provision list can help you help your large group customers with health care reform 

We have developed a new provision list to help you work with large group customers to help them determine whether or not they're complying with health care reform requirements that take effect September 23. This provision list will take your customers through three easy steps: 

1.       Determine when the health care reform provisions apply to the plan

2.       Determine which health care reform changes apply to the plan

3.       Determine whether the plan complies with applicable health care reform provisions

We will let you know when this piece is  available for print orders.

Getting to the bottom of your health care costs         

Did you know: Annual cost of motor vehicle crashes exceeds $99 billion, with medical costs totaling $17 billion

In a one-year period, the cost of medical care and productivity losses associated with injuries from motor vehicle crashes exceeded $99 billion - with the cost of direct medical care accounting for $17 billion, according to a study released in August 2010 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The total annual cost amounts to nearly $500 for each licensed driver in the United States. The results of the CDC's study - which analyzed 2005 data - also appear in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention.

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