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HCR Update: Transitional Annual Limits & Limit Waivers

Dec 13, 2010

Health Care Reform Update

December 10, 2010


Flier compares transitional annual limits and limit waivers 

In recent months, we've developed several communications about transitional annual limits and the annual limit waiver program. Although these topics are associated with the same health care reform provision, the requirements and details vary greatly. To clarify these differences, we've developed a flier that briefly compares transitional limits and waiver programs in terms of:  

·         Eligible plans

·         Services the limit can apply to

·         Limit amount

·         Approval requirements

·         Business decisions 

Please note: We will provide appropriate data and information for customers applying for the waiver, but we will not be applying on our groups' behalf.

Getting to the bottom of your health care costs       

Did you know: Diabetes cost could double or triple by 2050? 

According to an October 2010 report released by the Centers for Disease Control and published in Population Health Metrics, the annual cost of diabetes in the United States is $174 billion, $116 billion of which is in direct medical costs. That figure is expected to double or triple by 2050, with one in every three Americans suffering from the disease.

Now you have a single, reliable resource for health care reform information.

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