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Health Net's Mobile Product Gallery

Jul 10, 2012

For California Individual & Family and Small Business Group Plans

If you haven’t tried Health Net’s Mobile Product Gallery yet, try it today. It’s made to give busy professionals like you quick, easy access to Health Net's Individual & Family and Small Business Group plans and benefit information. It works on your schedule – any time, any place, 24/7.

With Health Net’s Mobile Product Gallery you can:
Accessing the Mobile Product Gallery
Through a supported device and web browser, you can go straight to, or you can click on the Mobile Product Gallery link at > I’m a Broker > California. Directions on how to access and use the Product Gallery are available on Mobile Product Gallery flyer, available here.

Supported devices include:HN Mobile Product Gallery Supported web browsers include:
Internet Explorer is currently not a supported web browser.

A reminder about privacy and the Mobile Product Gallery
Ensuring the privacy of members’ information is a serious matter here at Health Net. Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be handled carefully, with measures put in place to ensure security. Please do not include PHI/PII when you use the Mobile Product Gallery email feature. Limit your message to general conversation such as, “Here is the plan benefit information that we discussed today. I will follow up with you tomorrow after you have had a chance to review.”

PHI/PII identifiers include:
•    Names •    Account numbers
•    Address (including ZIP code)
•    Certificate/license numbers
•    Dates (service, birth, death) •    Vehicle identifiers
•    Telephone numbers •    Device identifiers
•    Fax numbers •    Web URL
•    Electronic mail addresses •    IP address
•    Social Security number •    Biometric identifiers
•    Medical record number •    Full-face photo images
•    Health plan ID number •    Any unique identifying information

If you include PHI/PII in your Mobile Product Gallery email message, the recipient will have to access it through the Secure Messaging system, and they will not be able to reply back to you.

If you have questions about Health Net’s Mobile Product Gallery, please contact your Account Executive or Broker Services at 1-800-448-4411, option 4, or visit us at

Health Net’s Mobile Product Gallery – It’s made for the way you do business!
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