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Health Net's Next Generation of Decision Power

Oct 15, 2012

Announcing the Next Generation of Decision Power

Better tools do a better job – Decision Power is new and refreshed for 2012/2013

Health Net is re-launching Decision Power® – Health in Balance, with new and refreshed programs that keep pace with today’s evolving technology, while addressing the growing needs of specific member populations.  With improved internal communication and coordination, Decision Power makes it possible to better affect health outcomes across a series of health management categories.

In moving forward with these new Decision Power enhancements, Health Net re-imagined a comprehensive health management solution whose components all speak the same language. 


Decision Power now has better program integration and an improved member experience.

Health Net restructured a comprehensive health management solution whose components all speak the same language. The result is a system that:

  • shares information
  • leverages technology
  • keeps pace with best practices


Improved reporting for employers

Employer group reporting offers a variety of options and tools to give your clients timely and accurate information about their group benefit coverage.


Expandable program offerings

With an integrated platform, Decision Power programs are aligned to meet a changing health care market. With each program working in sync within the overall wellness offering, the growing needs of our members drive the reach and scope of Health Net services.


Single point of contact

While Health Net is introducing many new programs and features, the Decision Power name will remain the same. And, members will now have one number to call for all their wellness and health management needs, 1-800-893-5597, TTY/TDD 1-800-276-3821.



New and refreshed programs – October 1, 2012


Quit for Life® – tobacco cessation program

Health Net's refreshed tobacco cessation program comes online with significant enhancements to their previous online smoking cessation program, including:

  • coverage for any type of tobacco
  • up to four proactive, one-on-one counseling calls, plus unlimited calls to Nurse 24
  • in-depth assessment and personalized cessation plans
  • medication support recommendations for over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • ability to re-enroll if member has not successfully quit by last counseling call through six-month survey


Nurse 24SM services

Health Net's nurse-driven telephonic support program empowers members to better manage their health. Staffed by highly trained registered nurses, or health information managers, the program offers a cost-effective solution for members coping with chronic and acute illnesses, episodic or injury-related events and other health care issues.


Program highlights include:

  • health information managers with experience in health issue discovery and trained in telephone triage
  • improved continuity of care – integration with Decision Power disease management services
  • significant employer cost savings potential – convenient and useful alternative help to reduce excessive or unnecessary emergency room visits
  • access to nationally recognized Healthwise® Knowledgebase with more than 5,500 health topics


Disease Management Services

The Decision Power Disease Management program provides a fully integrated, health management solution that helps members improve their health and quality of life, while helping control their health-related costs. Through personalized interventions and contemporary behavior-change methodologies, Health Net's experienced clinical staff can assist individuals at-risk and diagnosed with chronic health conditions to better manage their conditions through education, empowerment and support.


Health Net’s disease management programs cover: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary artery disease, diabetes and asthma. Health Net is pleased to offer a heart disease component to the disease management program, coming online with the October 1, 2012, offering.


Complex Case Management

This essential component of the Decision Power Disease Management program targets the most complex cases, often with life-limiting diagnoses.


The program provides trained nurse case managers to assists members who have critical barriers to their care, offering intensive, face-to-face contact with Health Net members, their families and their caregivers. For these members, who often have multiple co-morbid conditions and need assistance in planning, managing and executing their care, this program provides a vital service.



New and refreshed programs – January 1, 2013



The Decision Power CareAlerts Program

CareAlerts is a new way of addressing potential clinical gaps in care, drug interactions and dangerous drug side effects across an entire member population. The program issues suggestion messaging out to members and their health care providers identified through multiple data sources, including:

  • pharmacy, medical and lab claims
  • member eligibility files
  • member benefit information
  • provider information


CareAlerts messaging integrates into Health Net’s case management and disease management programs, for efficient continuity of care.


Members can submit feedback through a toll-free number, while physicians will have phone and fax feedback options available.


Decision Power Healthy Pregnancy program

For 2013, Health Net has expanded their Healthy Pregnancy program to include new features, functions and focus. Added to this refreshed offering is a full-service obstetrics program integrated with the current Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) program, 17P initiative (for the prevention of recurrent preterm birth), Healthy Baby and text4baby programs that include the following elements:

Preconception program:

Provides women with online, evidence-based information that empowers them to make positive decisions regarding their health and the health of their future offspring. Six program components include initial assessment, education, BabyLine access, complimentary pregnancy test kit, and a follow-up assessment.

OB risk assessment and education:

Early identification of risk and periodic assessments and education offer improved overall outcomes. Components include:

  • initial assessment to identify participants with high-risk obstetrical conditions,
  • follow-up assessment completed at approximately 28 weeks,
  • BabyLine access to 24/7 phone line staffed with experienced perinatal nurses, and
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) web tool for participants and access to a dedicated maternity website.

OB case management:

Offers members 24/7 access to the expertise and experience of their high-risk OB nurse case managers, who:

  • identify and manage members with high-risk obstetrical conditions,
  • create unique care plans with goals, support, target dates and periodic assessments, and
  • maintain regular contact with members through their high-risk nurse outreach.


Decision Power Wellness Coaching

The wellness coaching program utilizes a primary coach model, allowing members to develop a personal relationship with a health coach. Over time, a coach can help members identify motivators for change, and recognize and overcome barriers.

The program guides members to change unhealthy behaviors and adopt positive lifestyle changes. Focused on the whole person approach, the program helps members reduce the risk of preventable diseases, such as coronary artery disease and diabetes, and promotes key health behaviors, including, but not limited to:

  • healthy weight (BMI) maintenance
  • smoking/tobacco cessation
  • physical activity
  • healthy eating/nutrition
  • managing stress


Health Net’s experienced coaches support members in developing an action plan with specific incremental goals, learning how to overcome barriers, incorporating positive health behaviors in his/her daily life and improving confidence to sustain long term behavioral change.


Members have unlimited access to a coach for 12 months to allow on-going support to assist him/her in reaching goals and sustaining behavior change. The program offers flexible methods of communication, including secure email, secure Instant Message chat and telephone.





Members have access to Decision Power through their current enrollment with any of the following Health Net companies: Health Net of Arizona, Inc.; Health Net of California, Inc.; Health Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc.; Health Net Life Insurance Company.
Decision Power is not part of Health Net’s commercial medical benefit plans. Also, it is not affiliated with Health Net’s provider network and it may be revised or withdrawn without notice. Decision Power is part of Health Net’s Medicare Advantage benefit plans. It is not affiliated with Health Net’s provider network. Decision Power services, including clinicians, are additional resources that Health Net makes available to enrollees of the above listed Health Net companies.
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