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HHS, Treasury kick off website of ‘helpful tools’ for Obamacare tax filing

Jan 12, 2015

​The Washington Times
Cheryl K. Chumley
January 8, 2015

The tax man cometh — and Team Obama is taking a step to stave off any Obamacare filing issues for confused Americans, launching a website that promises to provide a veritable feast of "helpful tools" and legal guidance.

"We will ... be providing helpful tools so that the millions of taxpayers who qualify for an exemption can receive one," said Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell, The Hill report​ed.

The website is operated jointly by HHS and the Treasury Department. It's being billed as a consumer outreach program that will help filers and preparers alike, though feds say it probably won't be necessary.

"For the vast majority of Americans, tax filing under the Affordable Care Act will be as simple as checking a box to show they had health coverage all year," said Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, The Hill reported. "A fraction of taxpayers will take different steps, like claiming an exemption if they could not afford insurance. ... We are working to ensure that whatever their experience, consumers can easily access clear information since this is the first year they will see certain changes to their tax returns."

The website comes as tax preparers around the nation have been warning that the public at-large isn't ready to handle the Obamacare-related changes on their forms this year. H&R Block said up to 30 million would be impacted by the filing changes, which go into effect this year, The Hill said.

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