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How & Why Anthem Collects Members’ SSNs

Dec 28, 2015

Anthem must file a 1095-B form for its fully insured group members. That's why Anthem needs the correct member name and Social Security number (SSN) reflected on the tax form.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may cross check a member’s name and SSN to make sure the information matches what's in the Social Security database. If the name and SSN don't match, the IRS may ask Anthem to contact the member for the correct information. In recent months, they've made several efforts to collect any missing or inaccurate Social Security numbers from members. But there are still more they need to collect.

When the IRS lets Anthem know that a member’s information doesn't match up, they'll contact the member. This communication will include a W-9 form for the member to fill out with the correct information and return to Anthem within 30 days. If they don’t hear back from the member within 30 days, and they get an additional notice from the IRS the following year, they'll send the member a second communication at that time.

The IRS requires these notices. And Anthem's efforts to get the correct information is intended to help their members avoid penalties. As always, Anthem is committed to maintaining member privacy. They plan to share this article with their groups on January 6, to inform them of this requirement.

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