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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Ensure Delivery of Emailed Proposals

May 13, 2014

​Some large email providers are implementing an anti-spam policy (DMARC) that could impact the successful delivery of emails you send directly from bpQuote.

When will emails not be delivered?

For example, if you use an AOL or Yahoo email address in the “FROM” field to send a Proposal directly from bpQuote, the Proposal will not be delivered. AOL and Yahoo have adopted the new DMARC policy so any emails attempting to use their or domains that aren’t initiated on their servers and authenticated will be blocked.

How can you ensure successful delivery of an email?

Since more free email providers like AOL and Yahoo will likely adopt the DMARC policy, we recommend taking one of the following steps to ensure your Proposals are always delivered to your clients:

  1. Do not send the Proposal directly from bpQuote. Instead, click on the Proposal link to open it and save it to your local PC. Next, log into your AOL or Yahoo email account to create the email to your client and attach the Proposal before sending it.
  2. Stop using a free email address. Instead, begin using an email address that reflects your business entity, e.g. [email protected] There are many ​inexpensive vendors available to help you establish your own email domain.

For more information on the DMARC policy at AOL and Yahoo, please visit their respective websites:

For questions or concerns regarding the successful delivery of emailed proposals, please ​contact a member of your beere&purves Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

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