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Improved RAF Program & HSA Open Window Details

Sep 24, 2010

Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 & 51-99
New RAF Guarantees & HSA Open Window Details
Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 and 51-99 have announced their HSA Open Window for January 2011 and a new 2-50 RAF Program to help you sell even more through January 15, 2011 effective dates!
The Anthem Blue Cross RAF Program has been improved for October through January 15, 2011 effective dates.
Six (6) or more enrolling are eligible for a .90 RAF*

The same rules apply for groups enrolling 6-50, however, there are new promotions to help you sell to groups with special circumstances including:

Groups Coming from Another Large Group Carrier - AB1672 qualified groups of 10 or more enrolling medical subscribers moving from another carrier's Large Group contract to an Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 contract will receive a .90 RAF.

PEO Spin-Off Groups - Professional Employer Organization (PEO) spin-off groups of 10 or more enrolling medical subscribers moving from another carrier's contract to an Anthem Blue Cross Small Group contract will receive a .90 RAF.

Groups with No Prior Coverage - AB1672 qualified groups without prior coverage with 10 or more enrolling medical subscribers will receive a .90 RAF. To qualify,
  • Group must have been in business for one year or more without group coverage for at least the last 6 months OR
  • Have been in business for less than 1 year (as defined by Anthem Blue Cross interpretation of AB1672) and have had no prior group coverage.
* CLICK HERE to view the Program Guidelines.
You could be earning an additional 10% commission when your client's place their Workers' Compensation policy with EMPLOYERS Integrated MediComp.
In addition to the Workers' Compensation commission, your client saves!
  • They are guaranteed a 10% discount on their Integrated MediComp premium when it is placed alongside Anthem Medical.
  • Anthem Medical cases adding Integrated MediComp may also qualify for a discount on their Medical RAF.
  • Even if your Workers' Compensation renewal is a few months out, the overall savings could justify an early move and they'll still save!

CLICK HERE to request an Integrated MediComp quote for your client.
Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 and 51-99 will offer a January 1, 2011 Open Window for members to select any Lumenos HSA-Compatible 80-50 plans.
Plan Options:
  • Lumenos 1500 (80/50)
  • Lumenos 2500 (80/50)
  • Lumenos 3500 (80/50)
Groups Eligible for 2011 HSA Open Window:
  • "All Plans" groups and
  • "Designated Plans" groups that already have HSA-compatible plans.
  • NOTE:  taking advantage of the Open Window may result in the loss of a group's Grandfather status. Please refer to b&p's Grandfathered Health Plans resource for more information.
Other Guidelines:
  • If a Designated Plans group does not offer a requested HSA-compatible plan as an option, normal underwriting guidelines will apply.
  • Members may not move into any of the Lumenos HSA 100% plans.
  • Groups and/or members moving into any Lumenos HSA 80/50 plan will receive rates specific to the group's renewal month.
  • Groups will lose their Grandfather status if they have members select a Lumenos HSA 80-50 plan that does not currently have enrollment.
  • Benefit modifications and/or member-level changes will not alter the group's anniversary renewal date.
To assist you with your sales efforts, Anthem Blue Cross has created a new Total Value flyer that provides a great overview of Anthem Blue Cross Small Group offerings and the advantages to groups looking for a total replacement opportunity.
This piece can be especially valuable for groups coming out of a PEO arrangement! CLICK HERE to view the new Total Value flyer.
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