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Introducing Informed Health Line "Service Green" from Aetna

Jun 25, 2012

A New Electronic Communications Buy-up Available 6/1/2012

Starting June 1, 2012, Aetna will offer a new electronic communications service for the Informed Health Line (IHL) program called IHL Service Green.  This new communications buy-up offers your clients a “green for the environment” way to promote the IHL 24-hour nurse line to their employees.

IHL Service Green reinforces Aetna’s commitment to a healthy environment by only offering online communications.  It features:

  • Quarterly electronic postcards to subscribers who register on Aetna Navigator and provide communications permission; and
  • Semi-annual activity reports.
    It does not include the announcement letter, IHL handbook or annual member survey and comprehensive results report.

Service Green best appeals to those clients whose employee population is largely online or who have a 60% or greater Aetna Navigator registration rate.

IHL Service Green pilot
In 2011, Aetna piloted Service Green with four employers who were receiving paper communications.  Aetna Inc. was in the pilot, and Aetna employees received the e-postcards in lieu of paper postcards.  During the pilot, the e-postcards received a 19-25% open rate and .5-3% click through rate. These results are consistent with the rates typically encountered with Aetna’s electronic communications to members.  Also, the pilot showed a neutral to increased call volume into the IHL nurse line.


Why promote IHL?
A 2010-2011 study found that IHL returned an estimated $2.09 in office and ER visit savings for every $1.00 in program cost.1 This study also showed that IHL helps avoid unnecessary doctor office and ER visits.  That can save members time and money.


Additionally, members like Informed Health Line2.

  • 93% are satisfied that IHL helped them better manage their health
  • 95% say the IHL program is an important part of their health plan benefits
  • About 90% agree that IHL gives them access to information for making smart decisions about their health care, encourages them to take part in wellness activities and motivates them to get more involved in their health care.

Learn more about Aetna, contact your b&p Sales Representative - 888.722.3373.


1 Costs are only projected amounts; actual costs savings, if any, will vary.  Book of Business Informed Health Line Comprehensive Results Report for Non-Handbook members, Prepared by Aetna Informatics, May 2010 - April 2011.
2 Informed Health Line Member Satisfaction Survey. Prepared by: Aetna Market Insights, October 2011.

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