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January 2013 Updates and Promotions from Anthem

Oct 24, 2012

Anthem Blue Cross 2-50 & 51-99  
January 2013 Benefit & Rate Adjustments


Anthem Blue Cross has announced rate adjustments, averaging 1.2% statewide, with no benefit changes for January 2013 effective dates. Other news includes:

  • Rate Adjustments 
  • CDI Premium Credit
  • Plan Discontinuations 
  • NEW RAF Guarantee
  • HSA Open Window
  • Come Back to Blue
  • Specialty Updates

    Average statewide rate increases by portfolio and product are provided below. Since increases vary by plan and region, any member of your b&p Sales Team will be able to provide plan specific rate increases.

    • HMO = 1.3%
    • PPO = 0.5%
    • CDHP = 5.1%
    • Please note that the 51-99 (including 2-50 MHP compliant plans) quarterly increase is the same as 2-50; however, book rates are slightly higher for the 51-99 portfolio. 
    EmployeeChoice = 1.3%

    BeneFits = 1.8%

    Quarterly Rate Adjustments
    Anthem Blue Cross Small Group has issued the following quarterly rate adjustments. It should be noted that these rate adjustments are averages and vary by plan and by region.
    • October 2012 =1.0%
    • July 2012 = 0.0% (the original rate increase was rolled back)
    • April 2012 = 5.0% 
    • January 2012 = 2.1% (with a CDHP rate pass) 
    • October 2011 = 3.2% (with several plans receiving a rate pass) 
    • July 2011 = 0.6% (with a CDHP and HMO rate pass)
    January 2013 Book Rates
    Book rates in pdf are not yet available. Use the links below for the excel RAF rating engines.

    Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health Insurance Company (Anthem) is pleased to announce that eligible Small Group employers that offer coverage to employees on California Department of Insurance regulated Small Group medical plans (see below) will receive a one-time 8.21% medical premium credit on their December 2012 bill for members enrolled in medical plans filed with the California Department of Insurance (Solution, GenRx, Elements, HIA, BeneFits and HRA).
    • The credit will be based on enrollment in Anthem’s CDI-regulated medical plans as of the group’s September 2012 billing statement
    • The credit will appear on the eligible group’s December billing statement. Clients must be an active Anthem Small Group in December 2012 to receive the credit
    • Anthem’s Small Group CDI-regulated medical plans include:
      • Solution PPO
      • GenRx
      • Elements
      • HIA
      • HRA
      • BeneFits
    • The credit will not apply to:
      • Anthem’s 51-99 EmployeeElect customers
      • CaliforniaChoice members on Anthem products
      • Anthem Blue Cross Small Group products (plans regulated by the Department of Managed Health Care)
      • Groups new to Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company Small Group effective October, November and December 2012



    Effective January 1, 2013, Anthem Blue Cross will eliminate two (2) medical plans.

    • Solution 2500 PPO will migrate to Deductible 3000 PPO
    • Solution 3500 PPO will migrate to Deductible 4000 PPO


    Anthem Blue Cross is introducing a new RAF Guarantee available for January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013 new business effective dates for AB1672 qualified groups. Qualifying groups with 6+ enrolled, with a renewal of 1.06 or less will receive a .90 RAF! Click the link below for the details.




    Anthem Blue Cross has announced that they are holding a Special 2013 HSA Open Window, allowing groups and members to move into specific plans within each of their portfolios. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to SBC requirements, Anthem Blue Cross must receive all requests 60 days in advance of the effective date.  For your convenience, we have consolidated the details into a one-page resource, accessible via the link below.




    Beginning with October 1, 2012 effective dates, Anthem Blue Cross will waive the 12 month rule and guarantee issue lapsed groups that would otherwise qualify under AB1672 when they reapply for Anthem Blue Cross Small Group medical coverage. There are no minimum group size and/or prior renewal RAF requirements.

    Groups are guaranteed the RAF in effect at the time their Anthem Small Group medical coverage lapsed. This offer is not available to groups that have been denied reinstatement and/or groups currently in collections. The RAF Promotion will not apply to these groups.



    All Dental plans will receive a rate adjustment with Life and Vision receiving a rate pass for January 1, 2013 effective dates.



    • Prime & Complete Plans: rate increase with no benefit changes
    • Legacy Dental Plans: rate increase with no benefit changes


    • Rate pass and no changes to benefits.
    • Rate pass and no changes to benefits.

    • October 12th (approximate): October broker renewals will be mailed. 
    • October 27th (approximate): October group renewals will be mailed.
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