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Lower Mail-Order Pharmacy Copays for Groups with 51-250 Employees

Apr 23, 2009

In times like this, isn’t it good to know Anthem Blue Cross is here to help your company and your employees save money on health care costs? All new plans, effective April 1, 2009 (Premier PPO, Classic PPO, OnePlan PPO, Lumenos PPO, GenRx PPO, Premier HMO, Classic HMO, Value HMO and SelectHMO) feature great new pharmacy benefits.

Employees Can Save Over 66 Percent Using Mail Order!
Anthem's mail-order service pharmacy is a proven money saver. With their new pharmacy benefits, you get a 90-day mail order supply for the same cost as a 30-day retail supply for generics! Go with brand or brand nonformulary medications and get a 90-day supply for the same cost as a 60-day retail supply.

Look at the Potential Savings!
Switching a prescription to Anthem's mail-order service is easy and all orders are safety checked and screened. Your employees can eliminate up to eight copays a year — on just one prescription! 

Retail Cost

Mail-Order Cost

Annual Mail-Order Savings




Two generic maintenance medications, 30-day supply and $10 copay for each refill

Substantial Savings for Lumenos® Plans
You’ve been asking for Lumenos plan pharmacy copays and now you’ve got them! Starting with April 1, 2009 renewals, once an employee satisfies their Lumenos plan deductible, they pay pharmacy copays of $10 for generic, $30 for brand, $50 for brand formulary, and 30 percent coinsurance for self-injectables. Once their out-of-pocket maximum is reached, pharmacy scripts will be covered in full! Nonparticipating pharmacy expenses will continue to be offered as coinsurance. These plans will include the same great mail-order copay structure outlined above. Plans with 100 percent in-network coinsurance will raise in-network out-of-pocket maximums by $1,000, and $2,000 for out of network.

More Savings – Even for Brand-Name Medications
The “Mandatory Generic Substitution” benefit has improved! Currently, when an employee requests a brand-name drug even when a generic is available, he or she is responsible for the brand copay, plus the difference in the allowable charge between the brand and the generic drug. Effective at renewal, your employees will now only pay the generic copay, plus the difference in the allowable charge between the brand name and generic drug.

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