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Lowest Cost Form 5500 Lead Generator--Small and Large Plan Sponsor Leads

Aug 05, 2015

Have you lost a client to a competing broker, or want to grow your business but need qualified plan sponsor leads? HR360 has the solution! Their cutting edge, low-cost lead generation system, 5500 Leads, delivers over 800,000 large and small plan sponsor leads that come directly from Form 5500 filings submitted to the DOL and are updated monthly.

With 5500 Leads, you'll identify thousands of Small and Large Group plan sponsor leads in seconds with one integrated search -- HR360 makes it easy for you to prospect! Just enter the number of employees you’re interested in, and 5500 Leads will generate thousands of prospects that are only miles from your office, or across an entire state -- your choice.

How Does HR360 Do It?
5500 Leads generates large employer benefit plan leads AND smaller company retirement plan leads for one low-cost annual subscription fee (download price list below). HR360 added retirement plan leads such as 401(k) plans for companies with under 100 employees, because if these smaller companies are sponsoring retirement plans, they're probably buying group health insurance, too.

Must-Have Prospecting Data at Your Fingertips

5500 Leads powers up your sales with must-have prospecting information on large employer welfare benefit plans (100 or more employees), including over 30 variables to choose from, such as:

  • Size of plan
  • Employer's funding arrangements
  • Lines of coverage offered
  • Cost of premiums
  • Date of renewal

HR360 Has the Data Edge

With HR360's data structuring and cleansing processes, HR360 greatly improves and standardizes search and data accuracy so you can find the ideal prospect.

Contact HR360 today at 800.552.8211 or [email protected] if you're interested in this great new prospecting tool!

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