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Lumenos Monthly Health Statement Enhancements

Jul 02, 2010

Improvements Coming to Lumenos monthly health statements


In Anthem's continued effort to improve member communications, they are redesigning and enhancing the Lumenos monthly health statements. Recently, Anthem asked members to tell them what they liked and didn't like about the health statements and to suggest ways they could improve them. They received so much great feedback that they'll be totally redesigning the statements in two phases.

Phase one

Phase one of the redesign addresses a key issue members raised: Due to the timing of updates, the Health Savings Account (HSA) balance and account activity detail do not align with the information provided on or the monthly statements sent from BNY Mellon. Because of this, the HSA balance and transaction detail sections will be removed from the monthly health statements for members who have Lumenos plans with an HSA.

Members will still have access to current account balance and transaction details through the monthly statements sent by BNY Mellon. Members can also log on to to get balance and account activity information. The account balance and activity detail changes are only applicable to groups that have BNY Mellon as their HSA administrator.

Phase two

The second phase of this project will include:

  1. Improved organization of content
  2. Simplified language
  3. Addition of a summary of member benefits
  4. Addition of accumulators showing progress toward deductibles/out-of-pocket maximums

Even before Anthem implements the major design improvements, the monthly health statements will move from color to black-and-white, and pie charts will be replaced with easier-to-read bar charts. The enhancements to the charts will provide members with a better visual reference of how their health care dollars are being spent.

When can you expect to see these changes?

You'll see the phase one changes in the June monthly health statements, which will be delivered starting in early July 2010. Anthem anticipates completing the full redesign of the monthly health statements early in the first quarter of 2011.

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