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Multi-Option Report (enhanced 3/07)

Aug 03, 2008

Multi-Option Report (enhanced  3/07)

The Multi-Option Report, available on the Proposal Options page, has been enhanced to allow you the flexibility of including both the Current & Renewal plan in the report.  Prior to this enhancement, a check box would allow you to automatically include the Current information...but not the Renewal.  Instead, it was necessary to use one of the 3 columns provided to manually re-select the Renewal plans if you wanted them to show on the report.
Now, with this enhancement, you can check one box to automatically include the Current & Renewal information that was previously entered in the early part of the quoting process.  This feature will also allow you to use all 3 columns provided to show alternatives to the Current & Renewal plans.
Click here to see examples of the new functionality. The first screen shot shows the location of the checkbox, while the second screen shot shows a sample report with 5 columns (Current, Renewal, and then 3 alternatives).

Please contact a member of your b&p Sales Team if you have any questions or require assistance with this Multi-Option Report enhancement.