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NCEBC's 4/28 Event: ARRA "The Act": The Impact of Recent...

Apr 02, 2009

ARRA "The Act": The Impact of Recent Legislation on Employee Benefits

With the passing of the Stimulus Package and President Obama signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law, many questions exist as to what impact it will have on employee benefits. Who knew the economic stimulus package would impact employee benefits? Is there more in the pipeline? What about additional legislation that could go into effect this year? These issues will be discussed by a panel with diverse backgrounds and application.

Each will present topics related to their market segment to identify potential impact, proven facts to share with clients, and welcome an interactive discussion on how we can best prepare.

Tony Mader serves as Health Policy Director for Well Point Inc., the parent company for Anthem Blue Cross of California. Mr. Mader will provide a two-part analysis on current proposed legislation. First, he will review the top healthcare-related bills proposed at the state level that have a potential impact on the group health market. Second, he will dissect some federal health care reform principles being proposed by President Obama and Congressional leaders and their potential impact on the private sector. Mr. Mader's primary focus will be to help the audience understand how the concepts being discussed would impact the health insurance marketplace.

Robert Weeks will then be taking the practical application of the Act discussing its impact in real world application with their clients as a Third Party Administrator. He is prepared to discuss the many scenarios that they are being faced with and how they are addressing them. Mr. Weeks serves as Chief Legal Counsel for HealthComp, a large third party administrator based in California.

Beere & Purves will be sponsoring the wine and cheese reception immediately following the program.

Tuesday, April 28, 3:30 to 5:00pm

Old Federal Reserve Building
301 Battery Street, San Francisco 94104

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