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Network: Aetna and Universal Health Services Terminate Contract April 15, 2013

Apr 22, 2013

On April 15, 2013, Universal Health Services system terminated from the Aetna network
Aetna is still involved in active negotiations, and are hopeful to have this group of hospitals rejoin their network in the near future.
Transition of Care
For fully-insured plans, as required by law, Aetna’s California addendum to its standard Transition of Care Coverage policy provides for completion of covered services for:
If any employees require frequent or continuing consultation with a specialist physician for ongoing covered care, the employee should contact his or her current PCP who can help arrange transfer of that care to a similar specialist in the Aetna network.  For a limited time and when appropriate, Aetna will cover certain ongoing medical care for a specified period at the preferred level of benefits, rendered by a specialist who no longer participates in the network.

We will keep you posted on our negotiations and let you know of any changes.
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