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Network: Anthem Contracts with Seven Medical Groups Effective July 2013

Jun 26, 2013

Anthem Blue Cross (“Anthem”) is pleased to announce that they have signed agreements with the following seven organizations to provide enhanced care coordination services to their members:

Anthem’s program for enhanced care coordination offers coordinated, evidence-based care to a select set of PPO members with multiple chronic conditions.  This program benefits PPO fully insured non-refunding members plus CalPERS members.  Enhanced care coordination will be available for ASO members later in 2014. A personalized health care team, which includes a physician and experienced care coordinator, helps guide members to the most effective and efficient care possible by providing care based on each members’ unique needs and focusing on positive outcomes and increased quality results.

Patient-centered health care delivery models have proven to result in healthier outcomes and lower overall costs. PPO members benefit from the personalized care they receive from their health care team; and clients benefit from the lower costs of keeping their employees healthier. Participation in Anthem’s program for enhanced care coordination is a PPO member benefit with no additional cost.

These seven medical groups will further Anthem’s efforts to focus on patient-centered, coordinated care, lower medical costs, and improve the lives of the people they serve and health of their communities.

The new multi-year agreements are effective July 1, 2013.

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