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New ACA Fully Insured Reporting Requirements Questions Answered

Mar 17, 2016

Employees with fully insured plans who were eligible for coverage for at least one month in 2015 must receive a 1095-B form from their insurance carrier. View some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the employee forms UnitedHealthcare submits to employees.

6055 Reporting – UnitedHealthcare Obligation 

Q: Will employers receive a copy of Form 1095-B or a list of their employees who receive the forms?
A: No. Employees will receive the forms, not employers. The employer may not request forms for their employees nor receive a report of employees who receive a form. 

Q: What is the order that the 1095-B forms are being sent? Is it alphabetical, last name, group name?
A: The process to distribute the forms is automated. While an exact date cannot be provided to each employer, most have already been mailed and all will arrive on or before March 31. 

Q: How can a member obtain an additional copy of Form 1095-B?
A: Members may access the member portal, where available, to obtain a copy. They may also call the phone number for customer service on the back of their ID card. 

Q:  When will UnitedHealthcare send the 1095-B information for fully insureds to the IRS?
A:  UnitedHealthcare will send a 1094-B transmittal to the IRS with all the 1095-B information. These reports are used to verify that the individual has met their obligations under the individual mandate. This year the information must be sent to the IRS on or before:

6056 Reporting – Employer Obligation 

Q:  When will the fully insured employer be required to submit a 1094-C form to the IRS?
A:  Fully insured employers are only required to submit forms to the IRS if they have 50 or more FTEs. These reports will be used to verify that the employer has met the obligations of the employer mandate. 

Based on an extension for this year, the IRS must receive the transmittal Form 1094-C on or before:

For questions, please ​contact a member of your b&p Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

UnitedHealthcare may not provide legal advice. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

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