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New direct mail campaign asks employers to take another look

Jan 15, 2009

New direct mail campaign asks employers to take another look

Anthem Blue Cross wants employer groups who left to come back. And, they want you to get the sale. That's why they have launched a campaign to employer groups with 10-99 employees who have left Anthem Blue Cross within the last year.

This campaign includes a direct mail piece, which emphasizes their quality, service and value. A follow-up postcard reinforces these messages. If email addresses are available, they will also send a follow-up email. These pieces also invite employers to download the Employer Health Care Toolkit for free. This resource includes tips on how to manage health care costs, payroll tax strategies and more.

To get more information, employers can visit a personalized website, complete a reply card, or call a toll-free number. If they respond one of these ways, Anthem Blue Cross will forward the lead on to the last broker of record. If they choose, they may also contact you directly. 

Click here to see the direct mail piece, which will be sent the week of January 12.

Anthem Blue Cross hopes this campaign results in more business for them, which could mean more sales for you!
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