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New Form 5500 Reports to be Available in April

Feb 08, 2010

New Form 5500 Reports to be Available in April

Anthem Blue Cross is developing an automated system for producing reports for ERISA 5500 Schedules A and C. The automated process will first affect groups with ERISA plan years ending December 31, 2009 (i.e., January renewal groups).

In addition to the new reporting process, Anthem Blue Cross is also adapting their reporting to include the new requirements mandated by the Department of Labor (DoL) for reporting Non-Monetary Compensation and Indirect Compensation. These new requirements impact plans whose plan year began on or after January 1, 2009.

The new reports for the 2009 reporting period will not be available until late April. Unfortunately, Anthem Blue Cross will not be able to accommodate early report requests.

The Department of Labor allows 120 days following the end of the plan year for carriers to provide this data, and Employer submissions to the DOL are due within 210 days following the end of the plan year. Consistent with ERISA Form 5500 Instructions released by the DOL, Anthem Blue Cross will be providing information necessary for Employer groups to complete their ERISA Form 5500 Schedules A and C based on the their contract or policy year with Anthem Blue Cross. If a group's plan year differs from its contract or policy period with Anthem Blue Cross, the group will receive information for the policy or contract year that ends within the plan year for which they are reporting.

The process for producing ERISA Schedules for groups with ERISA plan years ending November 30, 2009, or earlier has not changed.

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