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No More Focal Renewals!

Dec 31, 2008

See Anthem P.I. solve the mystery of Anthem Blue Cross' third and final Fall announcement...

Anthem Blue Cross is replacing the Focal Renewal process with Anniversary Renewals.  Beginning May 1, 2009, ALL Small Group renewals will be handled on an anniversary basis.  This means that some of your groups will not experience a rate action for up to 23 months!

Anniversary Renewal Schedule
The table shown below will help you determine the anniversary date for your Focal Renewal groups.  Note that if the group's original effective date was the 15th of the month, their anniversary date will fall to the 1st of the following month.

In addition, since your groups may be anticipating the usual Focal Open Window, Anthem Blue Cross is going to offer them and their employees one final opportunity to request plan changes.

Please note: the table shown below only applies to groups with an original effective date prior to 12/1/2003. Anniversary Renewal groups are not impacted by this change.

Original Effective Date
(prior to 12/1/03)

Anniversary Renewal

When is their next rate increase?

Can they make changes during the Focal Transition Open Window?

  Can they make changes during their Anniversary month?

4/15-5/1  May 1st May 1,2009 Yes Yes
5/15-6/1  June 1st June 1, 2009  Yes Yes
6/15-7/1 July 1st July 1, 2009 Yes Yes
7/15-8/1 August 1st August 1, 2009 Yes Yes
8/15-9/1 September 1st September 1, 2009 Yes Yes
9/15-10/1 October 1st October 1, 2009 Yes Yes
10/15-11/1 November 1st November 1, 2009 Yes Yes
11/15-12/1 December 1st  December 1, 2009 Yes Yes
12/15-1/1 January 1st January 1, 2010 Yes Yes
1/15-2/1 February 1st February 1, 2010 Yes Yes
2/15-3/1  March 1st  March 1, 2010 Yes Yes
3/15-4/1 April 1st April 1, 2010 Yes Yes

Please contact your B&P Sales Team for assistance in collecting the original effective date of your Focal Renewal groups.

Focal Transition Open Window
As mentioned above, Anthem Blue Cross will offer one final Focal Transition Open Window - a true Open Enrollment - from April 1 - May 31, 2009 to give all Focal groups an opportunity to make changes for an effective date of May 1, 2009.  These groups will also be able to make changes on their next Anniversary Renewal date.

Quarterly Rating Cycle
New Business Rate adjustments for 2009 will occur in May.  Sometime after that, Anthem Blue Cross will move to a quarterly rating cycle with rate adjustments occurring in January, April, July & October.

'Tis the Season
The three big Fall Announcements have given us plenty to be jolly about. In case you need to be reminded:New & Extended

Please contact your dedicated Sales Team with any questions regarding this exciting news.

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