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"Old" Rate Inaccuracy in 1/1/2010 Small Group Agent Renewal Packets

Nov 13, 2009

Earlier this week Anthem Blue Cross began sending Anniversary Renewal packets out to agents with Anthem small group business that renews January 1, 2010. As you know, this is the first renewal that will reflect groups migrating to new medical plans because of Anthem's plan discontinuations.

In reviewing Agent versions of Monthly Premium Comparison sheets mailed to you in Anthem's January Anniversary Renewal packets, Anthem noticed the following issue. The "Medical" column of this sheet displays each subscriber's old ("Current") and new ("New") medical plan rates. Anthem has found that for subscribers on discontinuing plans only (these subscribers are highlighted in bold on the sheets), the old rate displayed in the Monthly Premium Comparison sheet is inaccurate. The "New" rate is accurate for the plans to which subscribers are being migrated. 

For groups and subscribers NOT impacted by medical plan migrations, both the old and new rates are accurate. In addition, the rates on all other sheets in the renewal packet (e.g., Estimated Monthly Rate Options sheet) are correct.

This notice ONLY impacts agent mailings - Group mailings will NOT be impacted

When groups receive their January anniversary renewal mailings, they will receive the correct versions of the Monthly Premium Comparison sheets. These versions will display the correct old rate for subscribers on discontinuing plans. 

For Anthem's agents with impacted groups, Anthem will be mailing a new anniversary renewal kit for your January renewals with corrected versions of the Group's Monthly Premium Comparison sheet. These should go out concurrent with Anthem's group notification mailings.

This issue has been resolved and will not impact anniversary renewal mailings for February 2010 and beyond.  In the meantime, the new rate information displayed in Agent versions of the Monthly Premium Comparisons sheets is accurate and can be used when discussing renewals with your groups.  Anthem apologizes for any inconvenience this creates.
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