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Online Sharing of Personal Health Records from Aetna

Mar 17, 2009

Online sharing of PHR with doctors helps improve communication and decision making
Using Aetna's new secure website for health care professionals via NaviNet®, users can now give individual doctors online access to their PHRs. Doing so can help give doctors a clear view into the patient's health history and current status, and can strengthen the patient-doctor bond.

With easier access to patients' up-to-date health information, doctors can better prepare for upcoming patient visits. In addition, they can partner with patients to make appropriate health care decisions and more easily coordinate care with other health care professionals.

This capability is available through the same secure website that many doctors already use to manage other aspects of their practices, supporting Aetna's ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the health care professional community.

Health Trackers make seeing progress easier
In September 2008, the Aetna PHR implemented more Health Trackers to help all users, and specifically those with chronic conditions, more easily monitor their lab values and test results. Six new Health Trackers were added to the existing five trackers.
Each Health Tracker lets users add values, dates and times, and then displays them on a chart. This makes it easy to see progress over time, and alerts the member if levels are above medically accepted standards.

The Aetna PHR Health Trackers available include:

These enhancements improve the PHR, supporting the goals of plan sponsors committed to employee wellness, improving health care services and minimizing costs.
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