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Outbound Call Campaign Set to Inform Walgreens Users

Jan 09, 2012

Outbound call campaign set to inform Walgreens user

In October and again in November, Anthem wrote to members about contract talks between Express Scripts, the company that manages the drug store network for Anthem, and Walgreens. These talks did not produce a new agreement, and as of January 1, 2012, Walgreens is no longer in the Anthem network.

Now Anthem is working to limit disruption and inconvenience to members by conducting an outbound call campaign. They are targeting members who may be affected, making automated calls to:

  • Members who visit a Walgreens on or after January 1, 2012, and the claim is rejected (because Walgreens is no longer in network)
  • Members who use Walgreens, are on maintenance medication(s) and are approaching their refill date
  • Members who use Walgreens, are on maintenance medication(s) and missed their refill window

The automated script will help members move their prescriptions to an in-network pharmacy and avoid disruption. This campaign will run through February.

An employer email is planned for the week of January 9. For additional details, see this article which posted on the broker news site yesterday or contact your sales representative.

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