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Outbound Call Campaigns Support Anthem Members on Road to Better Health

May 30, 2012

This spring Anthem Blue Cross will use automated calls to support two programs to help improve patient compliance and reduce gaps in care. Through these campaigns, Case Management and ConditionCare have the potential to improve care and lower costs.

By working closely with members who have experienced a major medical event, Case Management works to support members through a one-on-one nursing model. This includes ensuring follow-up physician visits are scheduled and completed, reminders about prescriptions that should be filled and help with transitional needs like family member help, home health needs and medical equipment. Education about local community services can help once medical benefits end.

Case Management automated calls have resulted in:

ConditionCare’s calls target low and moderate risk group members who are not managed by phone at this time and who have certain gaps in care. Outbound phone calls alert the member of the specific care gap and tell why the gap is important to address for that condition.  Participants could receive up to two calls per year. 

The following events will trigger a call for ConditionCare participants:

Calls for ConditionCare started in late April and will carry on through the end of the year.

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